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Our services, our protocols and our way of doing things are the result of bringing together the ideas of professionals from eight countries with extensive experience in the sector.

We are a large

international group

specialising in assisted reproduction, which offers great advantages.

All the clinics in the group work every day to improve their results, with a single goal:

To make

your dream

of starting a family come true.



Our philosophy is to always offer the best service, honesty, and innovation and, for this reason, we base our activity on three fundamental pillars:

Quality care:

you, the patients, are

our raison d'être.

We believe that each patient is unique; we strive to build individual relationships, where we will always look after your well-being, offering honest and personalized solutions to help you achieve your dream of becoming a mother and father.


the key to our results.

Our centers are equipped with the most advanced equipment. We are constantly investing to stay at the forefront of technology. We are committed to innovation, and this allows us to continually improve our clinical results.


our greatest value.

Technology is a tool in the hands of a professional. To get the most out of it, you need an experienced team, and we have it. Next Fertility has over twenty years’ experience in assisted reproduction. Thousands of children have been born because of our work.

We have been helping build families for two decades

Treatments and services

Next Fertility applies its experience and the latest technologies to offer you the best results in different assisted reproduction treatments.

Find out what Artificial Insemination (AI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Ovodonation or the ROPA Method consist of and in which cases they are indicated, as well as all the related services we offer; from genetic tests to psychological support consultations.

Prices and financing

We know that assisted reproduction can be a long journey with a sometimes-confusing price tag, but don’t worry, we’re always transparent and make your life easier.

You will always receive fixed prices from us, with no surprises.

If I did it, you will too.
After two difficult relationships, I decided to become a mum on my own. This struggle lasted five long years. Fortunately, I was recommended NEXT FERTILITY. From day one, I was lucky enough to be Dr João's patient. It's very important that your doctor is a good professional and I was very lucky with him. After several attempts, and just as I was about to give up, I fell pregnant. I couldn't believe it. My best present, my pregnancy, my son, was coming true. I almost gave up hope, but I made it and I know that you too will realise this dream. I wish you the best of luck and remember that when you least expect it, it comes.  
P. - 15/03/2023
We couldn't be happier.
We would like to thank NEXT FERTILITY for all their help and support in making our dream come true. We will never forget every member of the team who treated us with such care and friendliness.
C. & B. - 30/03/2024
A solo adventure, but always supported.
I wanted to be a mum more than anything in the world so, given life's circumstances, I decided to go it alone and embark on this journey with NEXT FERTILITY and its great team. I'm grateful for the care and attention given to me throughout the process. Today I couldn't be happier with my daughter, thanks to your help. Thank you for making my dream come true.    
A. - 12/08/2023
It was the most important and successful decision of our life...
After several attempts to have a baby without success, we thought of egg donation and decided on Next Fertility clinic. We will never forget the day of betas: 593! There it was! It was HER! We lived for her! To all couples: don’t stop believing, beautiful things come for those who never give up! A huge thank you to Dr. Quintero's team, to the biologists, all very friendly and willing...Thank you for everything!
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