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Artificial insemination is one of the least complex assisted reproduction treatments. It is, in fact, the closest technique to natural fertilization. It consists of depositing a sample of sperm, either from the couple or a donor, into the woman’s uterus. However, to increase the chances of success, the patient undergoes ovarian stimulation beforehand, and the best sperm are selected in the laboratory.

In vitro fertilization is the technique most used in assisted reproduction centers. It is a more complex procedure than artificial insemination and consists of fertilizing oocytes with sperm in the laboratory with the aim of generating one or more embryos. The embryos are cultivated for a few days and then transferred to the woman’s uterus to continue their natural evolutionary process.

Fertilization is conducted using a technique called ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). Our embryologists select the best sperm and inject them one by one directly into each egg. It’s a very precise technique that increases the chances of oocyte fertilization.

Ovodonation is indicated when the chances of achieving a pregnancy from your own oocytes are exceptionally low or in conditions where it is impossible or contraindicated. It consists of the in vitro fertilization of oocytes from a donor. Once fertilized in the laboratory, the procedure is the same as in any other IVF. The embryos are cultured for a few days and then transferred to the woman’s uterus.

At Next Fertility we have a gamete bank that offers the best guarantees and complies with all the recommendations of the main national and international scientific societies. All our donors undergo an exhaustive series of medical, genetic, and psychological tests before being admitted to our egg donation program.

The ROPA Method is a technique that allows a couple of women to build their family, both actively participating in the reproductive process. It consists of in vitro fertilization using the oocytes of one of the partners and transferring the embryo to the other. Thus, one provides her reproductive cell and the other her uterus for the development of the pregnancy.

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