Emotional Support Unit

Your emotional well-being is a priority for us.

At Next Fertility we care about your emotional well-being, that’s why we offer you the support you need during the whole process.

Discomfort, anxiety, negative thoughts… does that ring a bell? We know that undergoing assisted reproduction treatment may not always be easy, and that these feelings can overwhelm you.

At Next Fertility, we put at your disposal a team of professionals who will help and accompany you at any time along the way. We want you to find emotional balance and go through this process in the best possible way. Your emotional well-being is very important to us and so, with the help of our best psychologists and doctors, you will always be accompanied on this long road to your dream family.

There are many of you who undergo assisted reproduction treatment with the desire to become a mother, but we know that not all patients are the same and not everyone has the same needs. For this reason, we want to help you deal with the frustration you sometimes feel when treatment takes longer than expected or doesn’t meet your expectations.

How does the emotional state affect Assisted Reproduction?

When starting reproduction treatment, your emotions will be a rollercoaster. You may have days of joy and motivation and others of uncertainty, of not knowing whether the treatment will work or not. In any case, this mixture of feelings is shared by practically all patients who find themselves in this situation, so we want you to understand that this is normal, and that each treatment should be understood as its own and unique.

We are increasingly aware of the importance of mental health and the need to find emotional balance in any aspect of your life. It is vitally important to prioritize your emotional well-being, as this will directly affect the way how you cope with treatment and even the success of your treatment.

Unidad de Apoyo Emocional. Dos manos cogiéndose

How will it help me?

  • Cope with the stress and anxiety caused by the uncertain situation and reduce the discomfort caused by negative thoughts by working on them.
  • Manage the situation by accepting with your emotions.
  • Working to reduce feelings of guilt and/or loneliness in the face of infertility.
  • Help you cope with any changes in your treatment.

What do we offer you?

At Next Fertility we have a psychology unit, where our professionals will help you talk about and manage your emotions during treatment. You will have 2 sessions that are included in the treatment, where you will be guided in a personalized way, giving you a tailored guide to cope in the best possible way the situation, having as main objective your emotional well-being. To do this, we base our work on knowing you, your history, your values, what your emotional needs are, so that you feel safe and with total confidence to express how you feel about the treatment, what concerns and fears you have. Our goal is to accompany you in this important process.

We want you to be in very good hands, so we know that, as we offer you the best medical team to guide you in your treatment, we also offer you the best professionals in psychology to guide you and support you emotionally during your journey towards motherhood.

Any more questions? We will be happy to help you.

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