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Your family



The desire to be a mother knows no barriers and, fortunately, neither do social impositions. Alone or accompanied, your life and theirs are your decision. We can only help you achieve it.

At Next Fertility we offer different treatment options so that women who want to become mothers can do so without needing a partner.

A solo adventure, but always supported.
I wanted to be a mum more than anything in the world so, given life's circumstances, I decided to go it alone and embark on this journey with NEXT FERTILITY and its great team. I'm grateful for the care and attention given to me throughout the process. Today I couldn't be happier with my daughter, thanks to your help. Thank you for making my dream come true.    
A. - 12/08/2023
If I did it, you will too.
After two difficult relationships, I decided to become a mum on my own. This struggle lasted five long years. Fortunately, I was recommended NEXT FERTILITY. From day one, I was lucky enough to be Dr João's patient. It's very important that your doctor is a good professional and I was very lucky with him. After several attempts, and just as I was about to give up, I fell pregnant. I couldn't believe it. My best present, my pregnancy, my son, was coming true. I almost gave up hope, but I made it and I know that you too will realise this dream. I wish you the best of luck and remember that when you least expect it, it comes.  
P. - 15/03/2023


These are different techniques, the choice of which will depend on each case. However, it is common for women who want to become single mothers not to have any fertility problems and therefore insemination is generally recommended.

However, In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is used when there are pathologies that make pregnancy difficult.

No. Gamete donation in Portugal is non-anonymous, so only people born as a result of medically assisted procreation using donation can obtain information about the donor’s civil identity from the age of 18.

We will choose the donor who most closely matches your phenotypical characteristics, i.e., your blood type, skin type, eye color, hair color and type, weight, height… 

Sperm donors must be between 18 and 40 years old and fulfil strict medical, genetic and psychological requirements.
We take an exhaustive medical history, reproductive history (if they have children, pregnancies or abortions with their partners), occupation, lifestyle habits… to obtain as much information as possible about the future donor.

For women, the minimum legal limit is 18 years, and the maximum limit is 50 years.

At Next Fertility we have no waiting list to start any of the treatments we conduct in our centers, and we are committed to conducting the treatment on the date chosen by the patients.

In assisted reproduction treatments, the transfer of a single embryo is generally recommended to minimize the risk of multiple pregnancies, since multiple pregnancies are risky pregnancies, but even if a single embryo is transferred to the uterus, it is possible for a twin pregnancy to occur, just as it can in a spontaneous pregnancy.

No, in Portugal, as in the rest of Europe, free sexual selection is not permitted by law.

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